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Where we examine the health of movies (physicals/reviews) and cut them open looking at what makes them tick (surgeries/analysis).

1)  I will be posting three blog posts today on “The Film Surgeons”.  The first is this post which is an update on some changes and what is on the schedule for this week.  The second is to make up for the blog that wasn’t posted yesterday.  The third is the regularly scheduled blog post for today.

2)  Changes:

a).  One of my resolutions in recent weeks has been to write at least one blog post everyday.  Therefore, I will be continuing to do that.  The exact movie I blog about is based upon the order they are in my personal collection.  Therefore, right now you will be seeing a lot more comedies.  Each movie will have a physical.  Each will have one or more surgeries.  However, in the case of some movies, as was the case with Tommy Boy and the two movies for today, the movie doesn’t provide much in terms of analysis.  So in the case of those movies, the film analysis will be included with their reviews.

b).  Speaking of reviews…my reviews have a new rating system.  I used to do the prototypical 5 star system.  However, as of now I am doing a grading system.  The grading system will be as follows with category value in parenthesis.

Story (20%)
Screenplay (15%)
Acting (13%)
Ensemble Cast Chemistry (12%)
Directing (12%)
Entertainment Value (3%)
Visuals (2%):  This would be special effects, cinematography, costume design, and others.  For some movies this category won’t be included as it plays zero role in the film.
Emotion (9%):  Does the movie make me cry, laugh, scared, thrilled, etc.?
Intelligence/Smart (9%):  Does this movie make me think?  Does it have an intelligent plot or present intelligent ideas?
Music (5%)
NOTE:  TV Show reviews will not fall under this grading system.  Episodes will simply be scored on a 1-100 scale.  All movies that I have reviewed in the last week and a half have received this scoring system.  Any review older than the Ghostbuster’s review have received a simple 1-100 score.  However, when I get to them in my collection they will receive a new review with the new scoring system.  This will allow for me to easily rank movies and tv shows in terms of best to worst.

OUR POSTS ARE UNDER THE TAB:  “Physicals & Surgeries”

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